What is an example of an SEO service?
To learn more about what SEO services mean, take a look at this example.

A florist can use search engine optimization services to rank in searches such as.

  • Flower delivery near Toronto
  • A florist that provide national flower delivery
  • A florist that provide same day flower delivery
  • A florist that provide online flower delivery
  • A florist that provide farm flowers

The florist’s plan included the following deliverables to help the florist achieve its goals

  • Search engine audit to identify existing optimization and opportunities for the site
  • Content creation, developing SEO friendly pages for those keywords
  • Outreach to generate quality and relevant links to the florist’s website

Keep in mind that the above is just a simple example – most SEO projects will take additional steps to optimize the florist’s website and also include related deliverables such as consultation with your team, reporting on results, etc.