The Challenge

SEO is a key part of Mzcpatax’s digital strategy, and they wanted a partner they could trust to deliver results.

Prior to partnering with BusiBoom, their website had almost no organic traffic.

Looking to improve their presence in organic search results, Mzcpatax turned to BusiBoom.

We wasted no time and set out to help the website’s organic traffic grow as fast as their professional level!

About the Client

Located in Canada.

Their areas of expertise services are extensive, and as follow but not limited:

  • Personal and Corporation tax planning
  • CRA review and audit representative
  • Foreign Assets and Foreign Affiliate reporting
  • Pre-construction tax issues. Such as GST/HST rebate and tax filing
  • Tax planning regards investments
  • Non-resident tax return and Emigration tax return







BusiBoom are above and beyond what most other companies can do.


Solutions from BusiBoom: Finding the perfect match

Mzcpatax takes care to match you with the professional tax solution for your Business or family. At BusiBoom, we carefully match each of our clients with a custom digital marketing strategy tailored to their unique goals and situation.

That’s exactly what we did when we partnered with Mzcpatax. We developed a custom SEO campaign that targets the right keywords and brings in qualified leads — business or people interested in tax solution.

Results-driven growth from BusiBoom

Our Internet marketers wasted no time implementing custom search engine optimization (SEO) for Mzcpatax.

And they’ve already seen impressive results after just several months!

Our award-winning SEO team delivered the results Mzcpatax was looking for. The company grew their organic traffic, generated more leads, and maintained their reputation as a highly professional tax solution business.

Ultimately, this helped them match more businesses or families with the professional tax solution!

Need an all-in-one marketing partner?

As Mzcpatax shares, “We have a lot more time to manage our business. [We’re] not worried about SEO, PPC, Google Ads, I’m not worried about any of that.”


Because Mzcpatax has a trusted partner in BusiBoom. With BusiBoom, the Mzcpatax team can optimize, personalize, and promote their site without worry.

To learn how BusiBoom can drive results for you too, just click below to connect with an expert!

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