What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is an online advertising solution used to manage PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns. With this solution, users can create a Google ad with your chosen company details, such as keywords, ad text, map, phone number, and company hours, or with simply some text and a link.

You can decide which keywords trigger your ad to appear, using the Google keyword bidding system to appear higher in search results for popular keywords. You then define a daily budget that will only be consumed once someone clicks on your ad or calls your phone number. You can also pay per impression (then number of time your ad shows) or per acquisition (conversions on your site).

Google Keyword Planner also has a column for forecasted CPCs and potential costings for the top and bottom ad positions. The overview also includes average monthly search queries as well as the strength of the competition. A competition index shows how heavily each keyword is advertised. Plans aim to monitor keywords, and thus, make predictions. Detailed information on countries, cities, and municipalities is available for each keyword.

This seamless integration means new ad groups can be created and new keywords saved. Users can call up Google Ads settings at any time.The tool provides a Keyword Planner API, which third parties can use to access Google Keyword Planner functions. This forms part of the Google Ads API. This API can then be used to generate and retrieve new keyword ideas.

You can run a basic ad campaign or use advanced features to set up a more extensive campaign. You can choose to show your ads on Google and the Google Network which includes Google sites like Maps and Shopping, as well as YouTube, Blogger & Gmail. You can also display your ads on websites your target audience visit, in specific locations, and to specific audiences.

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