What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a software company that develops online SEO tools and free educational materials for marketing professionals.

Ahrefs all-in-one SEO toolset can help you with:

– Competitor research: unveil your competitor’s organic keywords, backlink strategies and PPC keywords

– Link Building: find the strongest backlink opportunities in your niche

– Keyword Research: get maximum relevant keyword ideas and see how hard it would be to rank

– Website Audit: find what SEO issues your website has and learn how to fix them

– Content Research: discover the most popular content on any topic and find the best ideas for your own content

– Rank Tracking: track your search rankings along with your competitors’

– Mentions Monitoring: get email alerts every time you or your brand in mentioned online.

Ahrefs database has 8 billion keywords and 421 billion indexed pages. That is why Ahrefs is able to provide maximum data accuracy to its users.

Key benefits of using Ahrefs

– Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for any website owner to keep track of your website’s health, issues, keywords and backlinks

– You don’t have to be an SEO pro to increase your traffic. Easy-to-understand UI and extensive learning resources are there to help you.

– Take advantage of the most unique and accurate data in the industry.

– You’ll always have the best SEO industry can offer with constant product and feature updates.

– Be part of a private Ahrefs community.

Top Rated Ahrefs Alternatives

  • Similarweb




    Free; Custom for Pro

    Traffic data, Search keywords, Competitor insights Sites, Website performance Information, Competitor analysis, App data, Website traffic, Audience insights, Market intelligence, Competition

  • Optimizely




    Starting $50000.00/year

    Feature Management, Personalization, A/B Testing, ALM Software Suites, and Configuration Management

  • Tableau




    Free; Starting $12 per month

    Analytics Platforms, Embedded Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics

  • Google Trends


    No Info



    Market research, Search terms, Regions, Topics, Trend keywords, Countries, Trend analysis, Content marketing, SEO, Data

  • VWO Testing




    Contact them

    AB testing, Website Tests, User experience, Reporting tool, Conversion rate optimization, Landing pages

  • Google PageSpeed Insights


    No Info



    SEO, Page speed testing, Website speed testing, Diagnose performance issues, Discover what your real users are experiencing